The Wild Green Yonder offers affordable ecological landscape consultation for homes and small businesses in the Denver area. No matter what the season, no matter what knowledge you already have, we’ll work with you to effectively incorporate Permaculture principles into your site.

If you’re located in the central Denver area (between 40th, Federal, Monaco and Mississippi), we’ll perform a 90-minute site visit that includes the following:

  • An assessment of your short- and long-term desires for the property. How would you like to use the space? What kinds of tangible and intangible yields are you looking to get from your site?
  • Suggestions for overall site planning. Where to put the compost bin? How big should the garden be? How to screen off noise from the street?
  • Strategies for minimizing use of external resources. How can I build soil with materials from the urban waste stream? How can I incorporate stormwater runoff to lessen the need for irrigation?
  • Recommendations of specific species and their placement to fit your needs. Which plants will give me the yields I’m looking for without too much fuss?

After the visit, we can provide ongoing assistance with the design and implementation of your site. We’ll connect you with our trusted network of landscape designers and installers – or if you prefer, help you find the materials to do it yourself!

If you live outside our site visit area, we are happy to provide consultation over the phone or at our office for an affordable rate.

Contact us for specifics about our rates and availability.

3 Responses to “Consulting”

  1. Janaki LeFils Says:

    Hi Adam et al,

    I have been asked to do some permaculture design for an orphanage in Haiti. I’d like to speak with you about your thoughts and ideas, if available, about permaculture in the tropical wet and hot area of Haiti.

    We are writing grants now and would love some input. If you are knowledgable about this topic, there could be a chance to write a proposal and be funded.

    Thanks for your (rather quick if possible) response!
    Janaki LeFils

  2. Hollister Says:

    Ecological landscaping is a solution for corporate as well as residential greenscaping.Your consulting may help us greatly,I believe that.

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