By Adam BrockTycho

Resisting consumerism can really suck sometimes. Like when you lose yourself in the ISO50 site, visual artist Scott Hansen’s sumptuous showcase of prints, photography, t-shirts, and other graphic design work. With a restrained, warm palette and intricate organic patterns, ISO50 visualizes perfectly that strange and wonderful liminal zone between the club and the meadow that I feel myself inhabiting these days.

Hansen’s music, produced under the Tycho moniker, isn’t half bad, either – a mix of dreamy Boards of Canada weirdness and more danceable downtempo beats. But the worst news for the freegan in me is that Hansen’s shirts are printed on sweatshop-free American Apparel. I don’t need it… I don’t need it… I don’t –

Posted in: Art

One thought on “ISO50

  1. micheleroohani says:

    i knew little about Hansen but i just spent some time on his site thanks to you guys; i particularly like the image you’ve chosen for your post.

    how do you feel about “deep economy”

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