Green Eats: Greenwich Village

CSAs and farmer’s markets are the future of food, and I wish I could say that everything I ate came from local family farms. But as a college student in a big city, I often don’t have the time to cook food myself, or the money to buy eco-conscious ingredients. Thankfully, NYC has plenty to offer if you’re looking to eat ethically and healthy on a budget. Here are my picks for the best vegetarian, vegan, organic and local spots in the Village (I’ll do a separate post for Williamsburg later). Add your own faves in the comments, and check out the nifty google map I made and couldn’t figure out how to embed.

Karen’s on Astor, 1 Astor Place
Healthy gourmet deli right next to Gallatin. Convenient, tasty – and way overpriced.

Kate’s Joint, 58 Avenue B

Awesome vegetarian diner with the best get-over-your-hangover brunch in NYC.

Lite Delights, 51 E Houston
Cheap little health food place next to Time’s Up. Not sure how much of it’s organic, but you can’t beat the value.

Sacred Chow, 227 Sullivan
A wee (5 or 6 tables) vegan tapas place a couple blocks from Washington Square Park. A little pricey to go to all the time if you’re a student, but great for a date or Sunday brunch.

Souen, 28 E 13th

Yummy macro restaurant with a funky, cozy ambiance. Medium pricey ($10-$15 per person), but worth it.

Sparky’s, 333 Lafayette
Tasty burger and hot dog spot with locally-grown organic meat… for those times the carnivore in me kicks in. See also: Sparky’s on N 5th in Wburg.

Temple in the Village
Simple, pay-by-the-pound veg place with plenty of vegan and macrobiotic options. My de facto dining hall when I’m around campus.

Whole Earth Vegetarian Kitchen, 130 St Marks

Long-standing juice bar and bakery just off Tompkins Square Park. Their sandwiches are killer.


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