Turning the boat around

By Adam Brock

Jessica Gottlieb, Celsias‘ newest columnist, knows how to hit the green lifestyle change nail on the head. Last week she related an inspiring story about how she got her teenage daughter to start questioning the verdiness of hybrids; yesterday’s post, “Practical Green,” explains how living sustainably, for most of us, is a one-step-at-a-time kind of thing:

I’m such a typical housewife in Los Angeles. I have the potential to have a mighty large footprint because sometimes I’m just too dang tired to do much more than consume. But I’m doing what I can and I’m unapologetic about not doing it all.

Wanna know why?

Because I’m getting there. And if I spend time moaning and complaining about the compost pile I don’t have I’d forget to use the green lawn trimmings bin. It’s imperfect but it’s good. Let’s not discount good.

Going from consumerism to sustainability is a 180-degree shift, and it can take a while to turn the boat around. But, like Jessica, I believe that the process is at least as important as the end result: as long as we keep asking ourselves how we can reduce our footprint – and as long as we have the integrity to take the steps that result from our questioning – we’re on the right track.

Read Jessica’s full post here.


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