What Happens to Non-Biodegradeable Soap

Coming from a storm drain in Sarasota, Florida.

From flickr/earthfreak.


2 thoughts on “What Happens to Non-Biodegradeable Soap

  1. EarthFreak says:

    Not only coming from a storm drain, but pouring out into Sarasota Bay.

    Not all storm drains take their contents to treatment facilities. Some lead to neighboring ditches, ponds, and waterways. If you’re lucky, your area has labeled these. i.e. “No Dumping! Drains to [insert body of water here].” In the case of Sarasota County, officials don’t even have a complete map of existing drains & pipes.

    Don’t leave it up to chance. Don’t dump anything down a storm drain and use biodegradable soaps whenever possible.

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