WGY Enters Hibernation

By Adam Brock

I love blogging. Since I started WGY last January, its been instrumental in helping me clarify my thoughts on the regeneration and get them out to a broad (and growing) audience. But part of that same process has been the dawning realization that, like most of us in the overdeveloped world, I spend far too much time indoors, tethered to electronix. Writing a sustainability blog is one of the most justifiable reasons for being plugged in that I can think of – but at the moment, I’m obligated to spend my daily allotment of computer time on my academic and activist commitments.

And so I’m making the difficult decision to set my blogging duties aside for the time being, in order to concentrate on my last semester of college (and live the Forest Green lifestyle that so many of us now strive for). I’m sure I’ll post sporadically in the next few months, but not as much as you might be used to.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be back in May with a fresh perspective and a whole lot more mental space. In the meantime, you can get your green read on by checking out any of the wonderful sites on the blogroll, or browsing through some of WGY’s greatest hits, listed below.

Three Shades of Green – my framework for answering the difficult question: what, exactly are we trying to sustain?

Bioplastics Rundown – a summary of the different kinds of bioplastic on the market, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

The Obligatory WGY Earth Day Top Ten – 10 not-so-inconsequential things we can do to green up our act.

Arcologies from the Bottom Up – are Paolo Soleri’s self-sufficient megacities the habitat of the regeneration?

Has Sustainability Sold Out? – on the perils of green consumerism.

Broken Robots: Technology Reconsidered – why we need to take a critical look at the technologies that sustain our industrial lifestyle – and not just cutting-edge ones, either.

How Local? – is trying to eat only out of your own yard heroic, or just a gimmick?

Burning Bright: The Black Rock City Experiment – the story behind the innovative city planning features of Burning Man.

The Real Food Summit: A Campus Movement Takes Shape – how on earth will we make college dining halls sustainable?

Cracks in the Foundation: Green Business Encounters its Paradoxes – the pushback on corporate greening begins.

Tax or Trade? The Debate Heats Up – a panel of lawyers and policy wonks takes on the confounding issue of carbon legislation.

Grounded – why I don’t fly.

Why Cityfarming? Because It’s Fair – the intersection of urban agriculture and social justice.


3 thoughts on “WGY Enters Hibernation

  1. Rosa says:

    Thank you for putting the blog out there in the first place, Adam – I’ve really appreciated it and the whole green blogosphere has pushed me to step up my transition to a more sustainable life, lately.

  2. Annie Myers says:

    Ah no! Well, I second the thank you. My time looking at this silly machine where I type…will be not nearly so interesting, you know….

  3. Jeremy Friedman says:

    We’ll miss you terribly of course, Adam, but I never doubt that what you’ll do instead will be even more important than typing away on WGY! Shoot, I’ll have to come up with a new homepage for the duration…

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