Why I Don’t Buy New Electronics

By Adam Brock

This Indian news segment profiles what happens to a good deal of our “e-waste” after we take it to get recycled. Workers in the global south – in this case, India – strip the electronics apart, and burn the plastics to get at the small amounts of precious metals inside. In the process, they inhale some of the nastiest smoke imaginable, pollute the air, and contaminate the groundwater with toxic chemicals. Keep in mind that recycling your electronics is considered the green thing to do, as opposed to throwing them in the landfill. (from the Sietch Blog via Celsias)


One thought on “Why I Don’t Buy New Electronics

  1. Crafty Green Poet says:

    More people need to know about this! The best (only?) way to recycle old computers etc is to take it to a local community project that demonstrably uses them in a local context. We’re lucky where i live in having a number of these projects though obviously making do and trying to repair is still the best option. Built in obsolescence is a terrible thing

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