WGY June Newsletter

As the miller moths flutter about and cottonwood seeds begin to waft in on the breeze, there’s more than a hint of urban permaculture the air, as well… check out these four fantastic events in June that are taking permaculture to new heights in Denver!

~ ~ ~

Salon of Urban Permaculture: “Local Abundance”

Saturday, June 12, 5:30-8:30 PM

City of Cuernavaca Park, 20th and Platte


The Salon of Urban Permaculture is a monthly gathering focused on building skills and community around permaculture in Denver. Each SoUP gathering showcases a different urban permaculture site and includes an informal talk, activity or workshop based around that month’s theme. People of all levels of familiarity with Permaculture are encouraged to attend.

Last month’s gathering drew over 35 people for an electric discussion centered around “Becoming Native to This Place”. This month’s SoUP is themed “Local Abundance”, and will take place this Saturday, June 12th at 5:30 PM along the Platte River, at Cuernevaca Park on 20th and Platte street. The discussion will be facilitated by recent PDC graduate Marcel Templet. Bring a small blanket and a little basket of goodies to eat/share!

~ ~ ~

Permaculture at the Home Scale and Public Consultation

Sunday, June 13th 12:30-2:30 PM

4046 S. Quebec St. Denver, CO 80237

$10 suggested donation

Curious to know what the Wild Green Yonder’s home consultation service looks like? Want to get a few tips for how to apply permaculture thinking in your home/yard? This Sunday, we’re opening up one of our consultations to the permaculture public at the home of Jeri Ho in Southeast Denver. We’ll be discussing the essentials of permaculture at the home scale, assessing Jeri’s goals for the site, walking the property, developing specific recommendations of what to plant and build, and suggesting resources for further research.

~ ~ ~

Denver Handmade Homegrown Market Club
Friday, June 25th 6:00-9:00 PM
Green Spaces, 1368 26th St (between Walnut and Larimer)

Free to attend, $15 to vend

The Denver Handmade Homemade Market is an alternative market for food/goods produced in local homes and backyards. The first market was a smashing success, with everything from hand-knit baby clothes to delicious fresh bread up for sale and barter. The next one, on June 25th, is sure to be even more bustling! Sign up to sell, or just come to meet Denver’s up-and-coming food entrepreneurs and sample their wares.

~ ~ ~
Garden Like Nature: A Hands-on Forest Garden Workshop with The Wild Green Yonder
Sunday, June 27th 9:00am-1:30pm
Ekar Urban Farm, 6825 E Alameda Ave
$18 | Register here | RSVP on Facebook

Want to move beyond organic gardening to the next level of sustainability?

Forest gardening is a revolutionary method of designing edible perennial landscapes that mimic the diversity and resilience of forest ecosystems. Using permaculture, we can design forest gardens that provide delicious food, healthy soil and attractive habitat – all without the continual tilling, weeding and watering of a conventional garden.

Join us in this hands-on workshop as we install one of Denver’s first public forest gardens at Ekar Urban Farm. We’ll introduce permaculture and discuss the practical theory behind forest gardening before getting our hands dirty building a 15’x35′ sheet-mulched forest garden employing locally-adapted edible perennials.

With a mix of lecture and hands-in-the-ground work, you’ll learn:

  • How to create fertile soil from waste material commonly found in the urban environment
  • Which obscure edible plants are well-suited to Colorado’s climate
  • How to design and install self-maintaining edible landscapes that provide food, shade and beauty year after year
~ ~ ~

Pssst – it’s not too late to plant!

Got a late start on the garden this year? Not to worry! There are still plenty of seeds that would love to meet the soil one of these warm June evenings. Beans, Beets, Chard, Corn, Eggplant, New Zealand Spinach, Squash, Peppers, Sweet Potato and Tomato all make great June starts! For more details about what makes sense to plant right now, check out WGY’s updated Front Range Planting Calendar.


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