About Us

Adam Brock

Adam Brock is a permaculture teacher, ecodesigner, and sustainability consultant based in Denver, Colorado.

n810628_33496524_726Born and raised in Denver, Adam is a graduate of NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, with a concentration in Ecological Design. His studies included a semester of sustainable design at the Ecosa Institute in Prescott, Arizona; a Permaculture design course led by Andrew Faust; and a Permaculture Teacher Training course led by Dave Jacke.

From its founding in 2006 to 2008, Adam was an active member of the NYU Sustainability Task Force, a joint body of students, faculty and administrators. While at NYU he organized campus-wide initiatives aimed at energy conservation, low-impact living, and urban agriculture. Off campus, he served as a GIS specialist for the Pratt Center for Community Development and New York City’s Million Trees Project,  as well as a sustainability consultant for Green Irene and the Planet Green television show Wa$ted.

Now re-rooted in Denver, Adam is dedicated to helping backyard gardeners, policymakers, and entrepreneurs alike understand the paradigm of natural abundance and incorporate it into their work. He works with numerous local sustainability groups, including Transition Denver, Denver Urban Homesteading, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Progress Group, the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, and Green Spaces. Adam is Director of Operations at The GrowHaus.  He currently lives in the Ruckus Refinery, a collective house located in City Park West.

Holly White

HollyWhite21Holly, a native to the western suburbs of Denver, grew up always trying to strike a balance for her love of science and art. She received a Bachelors in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2008. Throughout her studies, Holly took a great interest in the societal challenges that face our growing urban centers such as conserving water resources, increased pressure on transportation and energy sources, and of course- food production. An internship with the Colorado Center for Community Development gave her a broader perspective in designing for a range of sizes and types of communities- down to the small rural towns of the Western Slope- and inspired a desire to apply her design skills to the type of work that builds community.

In 2011, Holly took a hiatus from designing to travel and learn about other cultures. After spending a year and a half teaching ESL in Seoul and touring Southeast Asia, she returned to Denver with a fresh perspective. In 2012 she found her way to The GrowHaus just in time to help Colorado Aquaponics complete the build-out of their new commercial farm.

Holly currently works for Colorado Aquaponics in Creative Services, aiding in web design, and design/build projects for future aquaponic farms.  Holly is also currently a Permaculture Design apprentice through Wild Green Yonder Permaculture Design, having completed the Denver Permaculture Design Course through the GrowHaus in 2013. She has experience in Landscape and Urban Design projects, enjoys 3D modeling, graphic and web design projects. Holly loves to build anything and is always eager to learn how things work.

Creighton Hofeditz

photo (30)Creighton grew up in Morrison, CO and sometimes pretends to be a born and bred Coloradoan despite a Montana birth certificate and two childhood stints in Washington State. He obtained an undergraduate degree in theater before switching paths with his first PDC at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI) in 2011. He worked with Peter Bane during the editing process for The Permaculture Handbook and has worked on several permaculture designs in Denver, including home systems, a highway exit, and a curriculum for the new permaculture-based Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School. He has served as a coordinator or part-time teacher for four PDCs, and spent two years apprenticing at the at Bullocks’ Permaculture Homestead in Washington. Most recently he has been a contributing author and editor on Jerome Osentowski’s forthcoming greenhouse book and is an active member of the Denver Permaculture Guild steering committee.

Creighton looks forward to doing more design and implementation work in Denver, with a special focus on greenhouses, plant propagation, and community education. He loves the challenge of crafting unique, elegant, well-patterned systems in any environment.