Measurement of Success

Rebecca Oshins, my co-conspirator in putting together NYU’s Footprint Forward week, wrote the following post for the program’s blog. – Adam

Colin posted about Footprint Forward Week at NYU on his blog today, and he has gotten some fascinating responses, the majority of which are positive. Most of the comments have been about how great it is that people are willing to take the ‘baby-steps’ necessary to make an impact.

This has got me thinking. I have been working on planning this week for a while, and now that the week is upon us, I have been struggling with measuring success. Since I have never done a program like this, and to my knowledge programs that challenge and inspire students to go no-impact are not particularly popular college events at other places, it has been hard for me to step back and see how well the week is going.

So I have thought about this for a few days now. I have mulled it over while sipping from my travel mug or my re-used glass water bottle. I have considered it while at lectures and workshops, while dumpster diving and while climbing the steps to my ninth floor classroom. And, I think success is measured by how much I have thought about it.

I consider Footprint Forward a success because I have been carefully considering each one my actions in a new way. It is a success because a new community of students all considering their actions has been formed. It is a success because people are talking about it, discussing it, debating it, worrying about it, excited about it.

My conclusion (though the week is not over) is that this is NOT a week of no impact. This, I think, may be what it feels like to have a personal impact.

Impactfully and intentionally yours,
Rebecca Oshins


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